The newest scam out there is telling family or friends that someone dear is in trouble and needs money ... lots of it.

Cynthia Hazel of Consumer Credit Counseling Services says now the thieves are targeting seniors.

"They get called and told that their grandson is in trouble or in an accident and it's going to take quite a bit of money to bail him out."

She says if the grandparents can't
verify that there's trouble ...
they may give and send money.

"In the cases where they can't verify this, and they can't get a hold of the loved one to see if it's legitimate, and the scammers are calling and calling, well they may relent."

Hazel says set up a code
word that only family members
know to weed out the imposters.

"Even have a code word or name
that would be given to let these
people know if this is legitimate or not."