Texas is getting attacked, by hackers.

     And in order to prevent the state’s networks from being targets, two San Antonio lawmakers are pushing for heightened cyber security.

     “We're getting assaulted through hacking all over,” said Republican state Rep. Lyle Larson from San Antonio. “Sometimes it’s as many as 75 million hits a day.”

     Both Rep. Larson and Democratic Sen. Leticia Van De Putte, also from San Antonio, are pushing two bills in both the Senate and House that are essentially pushing the same thing, “hacking patrolling.”

     “What we're trying to do is create partnerships between the private sector, public sector and academic world,” Rep. Larson said.  “Then we can come up with some solutions, and together we can close some of the windows of opportunity for people to hack in.”

     Both lawmakers are asking for the creation of a new position, cyber security coordinator, who would act as the chief in charge and would work with the State Cyber Security Council.

     “The cyber security coordinator will coordinate between everyone and make things cohesive,” Rep. Larson said. “That’s when we can start moving forward and develop some kind of consolidated and comprehensive approach.”

     The cost of cyber hacking is significant if you have networks that are being hacked into daily, Rep. Larson said.