There will be a lot on the line when Texas A&M faces off against Mississippi State in an SEC showdown at Kyle Field.


  1200 WOAI news reports the two teams will be battling for the first annual Dog Bowl.


  The trophy was created by the two veterinary medicine schools at the two universities.  But schools are rated as among the best in the country for training vets and researching animal diseases.


  Besides, Jackie Sherrill once coached the football programs at both colleges.


  And...both universities have dogs as mascots.  A&M has Reveille the collie, which Mississippi State has Bully the bulldog.


  "This fun competition just seems fitting as the two colleges are so interwoven," Sherrill said.


  The Dean of the A&M School of Veterinary Medicine, Dr. Eleanor Green, was once at the faculty at Mississippi State.


  The trophy will sit in the School of Veterinary Medicine of the winning school, and will be a traveling trophy, which will move from school to school depending on who wins the football game each season.