It looks like Texas taxpayers are going to have to write another check, because a DPS Trooper couldn't keep her hands where they belong, 1200 WOAI news reports.


  A lawsuit filed in Houston claims two women who were driving home from the beach on Memorial Day of 2012 when they were pulled over for a routine traffic stop.


  The lawsuit claims Trooper Nathaniel Turner suspected that the women may be in possession of illegal drugs, so he radioed for a female trooper to search the pair.


  Trooper Jeannie Bui arrived and the lawsuit claims she used 'the same pair of gloves' to perform 'full body cavity searches' on both of the women, aged 26 and 27.  The lawsuit alleges Turner refused to allow the women, who were both wearing bikins, to put on more clothing befroe being forced to stand along side the busy highway.


  The DPS says Bui was fired after the lawsuit was filed, and Turner has been suspended.


  Earlier this year, in an almost identical case, two women in Irving settled a lawsuit against the state for $185,000.  They claimed they were pulled over for throwing a tobacco cigarette butt out of the car, and a female trooper, also now fired, did the exact same thing.  In both cases, the women claimed the female trooper subjected them to 'humiliating' body searches in full view of male troopers and passersby on the highway.