It's four years in prison for a former so-called 'General' in the violent drug gang called the Texas Syndicate, 1200 WOAI news reports.


  Andrew Vidaurri, who was known on the street as 'Durty Vidaurri,' was a former top ranking member of the group, which is prison based and specializes in drug dealing and extortion.


  Vidaurri today was sentenced to four years in prison in federal court for cocaine dealing and murder.


  Assistant U.S. Attorney Joey Contreras says this is bad news for the gang.


  "They were emerging pretty big in San Antonio," Contreras said.


  "The Texas Syndicate is a very violent, old gang, and we did not want them to sink roots into San Antonio."


  So why did 'Durty Vidaurri' only get four years?  Contreras said he turned on his own gang, helping the feds round up nearly two dozen members.


  So Durty Vidaurri may spend the next four years watching out for whoever is sneaking up behind him in prison.