The sad fall of local high school football star and Dallas Cowboys and Chicago Bears wide receiver Sam Hurd is getting worse, as Hurd's cousin and his partner in a bungled scheme to allow Hurd to live out his fantasy of being a big time drug kingpin gets eight years in federal prison, 1200 WOAI news reports.


  Jesse Tyrone Chavful, a San Antonio t-shirt stand operator, agreed to help Hurd acquire cocaine to sell to customers.


  "While Hurd played professional football for the Dallas Cowboys , he conspired with others to possess with the intent to distribute cocaine and marijuana, and the conspiracy continues after he began playing football for the Chicago Bears,' according to court documents.


  Prosecutors say Hurd called Chavful during the fall of 2011 and asked him to find him 10 kilograms of cocaine.


  "Chavful then met with witnesses at his t-shirt shop in San Antonio and negotiated for 10 kilograms of cocaine for Hurd," documents read.  "On November 10, 2011, Chavful and a witness discussed drug loads going 'north, that is, to Hurd in Chicago.  Chavful advised the witness not to worry about the payment because Hurd had money.  Chavful also cautioned that Hurd could not be present when the drugs were delivered because of media concerns."


  But the bungled plan fell apart from the beginning, and Hurd, Chavful, and a third man, Toby Lujan, 28 were arrested.


  Hurd, who was immediately cut by the Bears, pleaded guilty to one count to posses with intent to distribute five kilograms or more of cocaine.


  In addition, Hurd tried to buy cocaine and marijuana to sell in June of 2012, when he was free on bond on the original charge.


  Hurd is set to be sentenced next month, and he will get 'no less then' ten years and up to life in prison.