Even with super cold winter weather descending on all of South Texas, the homeless with their cardboard signs begging for change on the street corner remain a familiar sight.

  Despite the ubiqutous television news stores about homeless shelters expanding their operations and opening up new rooms to house the influx of people who flock to shelters during cold snaps like this one, the fact remains that many homeless people still spent the night on the streets, and won't go to heated shelters despite the weather.

  Navarra Williams, CEO of San Antonio Metropolitan Ministries, which operates the city's largest homeless programs, says it might not be a bad idea to throw a couple of old blankets or coats, which you plan to donate anyway, into the back of your car.


  "You can slow down and offer them the opportunity to take a blanket and a cost," Williams said.


  Williams recommends that, if you want to help the itinerant homeless who stand on street corners begging for change, you should stock up on gift cards from fast food restaurants.


  "Granted, it may not be the most nutritious, but it is an opportunity for them to get something and, by the way, those places do have salads too, if they want to get that," he said.


  Williams says even during record cold snaps like this one, many homeless people, for a variety of reasons, will not go to heated shelters to spend the night.