Peterson says though
outside fat is unattractive
but it's even uglier inside
and he knows; he sees regularly
sees how excess fat curls around
vital organs getting in the way
of their functioning.

"That fat can be more dangerous
to your body than the fat that you
see on your arms, legs or belly
on the outside wall. That inside
fat is actually more metabolically
active and can contribute to high blood
pressure," he says.

He says small amounts of
fat cushions for
our organs and skeleton ...
but too much like an unwanted
house guest just lies around
taking up space.

Peterson says excess
fat inside is
a thick, yellow, gooey mass
that just lies around the
taking up space. It's not pretty and gets in the way.

"From a surgeons' perspective,
that inside fat can make it
more difficult to do the job
we need to do when common
problems come up like your
gall bladder is sick and you
need it to be removed or
or your appendix needs
to be removed," he says.
fat not only curls around
vital organs forcing them
to work harder leading
to ailments like high blood
pressure; pressure from the
fat elevating that reading.