A film crew from the National Geographic Channel is in San Antonio today, shooting a documentary about the final 24 hours of the life of President John F. Kennedy.


  The film will air in November, the 50th anniversary of President Kennedy's murder in Dallas.


  On November 21, 1963, President Kennedy motorcaded from the Airport to what was then Brooks Air Force Base, where he dedicated the United States Air Force Aerospace Medical Division.


  "On the occasion of his being here he gave his last public address," former Brooks AFB historian Rudy Purificato said.  "Of course not knowing that 21 hours later he would be dead."


  Kennedy delivered one of his best known speeches, called the 'Cap Over the Wall' speech, where he spelled out his goals for the young U.S. space program, and the race to the Moon.


  10,000 people gathered to hear the speech that Thursday afternoon.


  "After that speech, he wanted to see some of the experiments that were going on," he said.  "He came to building 160 and visited with four Airmen from Lackland who were sequestered in a chamber where they were breathing 100% oxygen for four days.  He talked with them on the headsets, and he told the Airmen that he was very proud of them."


  Filmmaker Robert Erickson talked with some of the people who were there that day fifty years ago, including the scientist who guided the President through the buildings, and one of the Airmen he spoke with that day.


  The podium that JFK used in his final speech is on public display at the Witte Museum.


  Later that day, Kennedy flew out of San Antonio for Dallas, where he was murdered the following day.