The Airport--your destination for fine dining.


  It’s not a misprint; San Antonio International Airport is opening several top of the line restaurants to improve the passenger experience at the Airport, including an outlet of celebrity chef Johnny Hernandez’ award winning ‘La Gloria.’


  “We’re already seeing a wonderful response from the traveling public, they are very pleased with what we’re offering,” Airport Manager Frank Miller said.  “It’s a step away from your typical airport type of food.


  Other outlets opening at the airport include Mission City Ice House, Steak and Shake, and La Papenede Mediterranean Cafe.


  Miller says surveys show travelers want to be able to sample a little bit of the cuisine of the city they’re visiting, and La Gloria provides not just a typical TexMex experience, but Hernandez’s unique Mexican Street Food’ concept.


  He says there’s nothing like tlayudas to break up a boring travel day.


 “I think after getting through security, they just want to sit down someplace and relax and get something to eat,” Miller said.


  All of the restaurants are located beyond the TSA checkpoint in Terminal A, which is currently undergoing a major renovation.