Officials in Kaufman County today formally charged fired Justice of the Peace Erik Williams with the murders of District Attorney Mike McLellan and his wife Cheryl, and McLellan's former top prosecutor, Mike Hasse, 1200 WOAI news reports. 


  Williams' wife Kim was charged yesterday.  Prosecutors say she confessed, and fingered her husband as the triggerman.


  Williams is being held on bonds totaling $23 million.


  Prosecutors say Williams lost his job as JP last year, after he was convicted of stealing some computer monitors from the Kaufman County Courthouse. 


  Officials say he blamed the prosecutors for unjustly convicting him and costing him his job.


  The murders shocked the entire state, and were described as an 'assault on the justice system.' 


  At one point, officials had looked at the Aryan Brotherhood prison based gang, who had also been prosecuted by McLellan, as a likely suspect.