The first woman to face a court martial in the sex with recruits scandal at Lackland Air Force Base has entered a guilty plea, and faces up to a year in prison, 1200 WOAI news reports.

Staff Sergeant Emily Allen admitted to having a sexual relationship  with a male trainee, attempting to have a sexual relationship with another man, and having or trying to develop social relationships with two female and one male technical trainees.

It is a violation of military law for Military Training Instructors to have any kind of personal relationship with trainees under their command. She faces up to one year in prison.

Allen is the 18th Air Force MTI, the gruff sergeants who greet new recruits as the pile out of busses and conduct the seven and a half week basic training course to face court martial in what has become the largest sex scandal in the U.S. military in nearly twenty years.

Allen's defense lawyer, Maj. Willie Babor, argued that it is precisely because the scandal has grown so large that his client has been charged.

"The only reason she's in court is that commanders are being bullied by the Judge Advocate General's office," he said.

Babor claimed that senior commanders are being pressured to bring charges against as many MTI's as possible, to show that the Air Force is serious about dealing with the high profile case.

"If you don't play ball, they are going to fire you, and for any senior officer, that is a serious repercussion."

He submitted reports indicating that several senior Air Force leaders have been reprimanded for failing to propery report sexual misconduct in basic training.

Allen entered the guilty pleas after the military judge declined to throw out the charges against her.

Allen is now a military dental school training instructor.  The offenses took place in 2011.

In addition to prison time, she could be handed a bad conduct discharge.