Anybody who has ever watched ‘Law and Order’ knows that all calls from jail telephones are monitored. But that fact appears to have been lost on Alvin Roundtree, the 51 year old man who is jailed on charges that he shot and wounded in common law wife in an incident that forced the lock down of Ft. Sam Houston last month.


  1200 WOAI news reports that Roundtree called his nephew in Richardson, near Dallas, and offered to pay a hit man $10,000 to finish the job.


  Federal prosecutors say Roundtree told Leonard Roundtree that he would pay a hit man to murder the woman, to prevent her from testifying against him in an upcoming trial and from providing information to authorities about the incident June 13th at Ft. Sam Houston.


  Prosecutors say Roundtree even agreed to a down payment.  He said he would pay the hit man $1,000 now, and $9,000 more after the murder was carried out.


  Leonard Roundtree was arrested at his home in Richardson on Monday, appeared in federal court in Dallas, and waived his detention hearing and will be transferred to San Antonio.  If he is convicted of conspiracy to commit murder, Leonard Roundtree faces up to life in prison....and his uncle is now also charged with conspiracy to kill a witness...he faces up to life as well.


  The feds don’t say if Leonard Roundtree ever contacted that hit man...but at least he’ll know to watch himself when it is talking on the jail phone.