San Antonio Congressman Pete Gallego says take my paycheck...please!


  1200 WOAI news reports the first term Democrat has introduced a measure that would declare Members of Congress to be 'non essential government employees,' meaning they will not be paid in the event of a government shutdown.

  "Congress should feel the pain that it is inflicting on the American economy and the American people," Gallego told 1200 WOAI news.


  The Shutdown Members of Congress Pay Act, H.R. 3215, would amend the 1946 law which declared members of congress to be 'essential employees,' much like the military and federal law enforcement, enabling them to continue to be paid in the result of a government shutdown.


  Unfortunately, Gallego’s bill is more bark than bite, because it couldn't take effect until January of 2015.  The Constitution prohibits any 'adjustment' in Congressional pay during the terms of a Congress, a bill which was passed, ironically, to prohibit Congress from raising it's own pay.


  "Congress should work around the clock and do so without pay, to keep the government running," Gallego said. 

Gallego says if there is a government shutdown, he will donate his pay to charity.


  Sen Ted Cruz (R-Texas) has been pushing Republicans to demand Obamacare be defunded or delayed as part of the deal to keep the government running into the next fiscal year, which begins tomorrow.


  Earlier, Gallego had introduced the Preserve Our National Security Act, to preserve the salaries of all military and other national security personnel, including the Border Patrol, in the event of a government shutdown.