The Penguin has landed. 

Southwest Airlines today landed Penguin One, at San Antonio International Airport.  The 737 painted like a black and white, tuxedo wearing penguin marks the 25th anniversary of Southwest's very successful partnership with Sea World.


  "Our silver anniversary, what better way to celebrate it than with a brand new airplane paint scheme," Anne Murray, Southwest's Director of Marketing, told 1200 WOAI news.  "It is quickly going to become everybody's favorite themed aircraft for Southwest Airlines."


  She's probably right.  To begin the partnership in 1988, Southwest introduced Shamu One, a 737 painted like Sea World's trademark whale.  There are now three Shamu Ones, and they have become the most popular jets in the airline's fleet.


  "Our partnership with Sea World is our longest relationship that we have," Murray said.


  Penguin One left San Antonio for San Diego after the unveiling today.  Murray says it will fly the route between Orlando, San Antonio, and San Diego, three cities which are home to Sea World parks.


  She says Southwest will also relauch its Relaxation Stations at Sea World parks.


  "They will be places to take a quick break and charge up their iPad and relax while they're in the park," she said.


  Murray says there couldn't be a better partnership than the quarter century long partnership with Sea World, which began when Sea World opened its park in Westover Hills.


  "When you partner with another brand and you realize immediately that you have so much in common, it makes it feel just like an extension of the family, working together," Murray said.