A Bexar County Court at Law Judge who was elected in 2010 as a Republican says he will seek re-election next year as a Democrat, and the State Democratic Chairman says Carlo Key won't be the first party jumper.


  "We are seeing a lot of things happening with the Republican Party which are completely out of steam with mainstream Texas," State Democratic Chairman Gilberto Hinojosa tells 1200 WOAI news.


  Key narrowly defeated Democratic incumbent Joanne De Hoyos in 2010.  He is a Texas A&M grad and a graduate of the Baylor University School of Law.


  "I think a lot of people who have been consistently voting Republican are having second thoughts about this party," Hinojosa said.  "It is so controlled by the right wing extremists who control the primaries."


  Hinojosa says especially Latino Republicans will begin jumping ship as the GOP veers into more conservative territory.


  "A think a lot of Hispanics who played around with the Republican Party for a little while have realized they are not welcome any more," Hinojosa said.


  He said that the 'extreme' Republican Party, with positions in support of cuts to education funding and voter i.d. does not represent the interests of Texas Latinos.


  In the 1980s, it was the Democratic Party which was perceived as being 'out of touch' with the average voters, and too liberal for Texas.  That prompted dozens of Democratic office holders, including then State Representative Rick Perry, to become Democrats.