Apparently annoyance over unruly grocery store parking lots, long lines at the checkout counter, and hauling all of those bags to your car has reached critical mass in San Antonio, to the point where its a business opportunity.


  1200 WOAI's Berit Mason says an Austin based company called Burpy, which was started by several University of Texas students, has opened up shop in San Antonio.


  Burpy will do your grocery shopping for you.


  "Young professionals as well as working mothers are big customers," Burpy co founder Aseem Ali told Berit.  "Also we have seen a trend recently with individuals who are sick or individuals who are not able to get to the grocery store."


  The way works is, you go to their web site, and you tell them what you want at the store.  You can also specify whether you want them to buy the product at HEB, WalMart, Sam's or Costco, or even specialty stores like Trader Joe's and Whole Foods, or if you don't have a preference.  Prices for the items are all listed on the web site.


  Professional shoppers then go and buy the items you want at the price that is listed.  In most cases they will deliver your orders to your home or business within three hours of ordering.


  "Pretty much people who are not able to go to the grocery store, or who don't want to go," Ali said.  "There are also people who are just plain irritated at the thought of going to the grocery store."


  The delivery fee is $15 on top of the grocery bill.  Due to strict rules covering delivery of alcohol and tobacco, Burpy does not deliver these products.


  Ali says Burpy's goal is to 'revolutionize the way people shop.'  He says the company has been successful in Austin and Houston and plans to be successful in San Antonio.