Republicans in the Texas Senate have come up with a new plan to thwart the huge crowds which have descended on the Capitol to shout down that new abortion bill.


  State Senator Jane Nelson (R-Plano) says when the bill comes before her Senate Health and Human Services Committee on Monday, she will hold it not in the usual Senate committee room, but in a much smaller room.


  That way she can blame the Fire Marshal for the fact that few people will be able to actually enter the room at the same time and speak out on the bill.


  Some 3500 people, mainly pro choice groups bussed in by the Democratic Party, and some who were allegedly paid for showing up, signed up to testify as witnesses in the House committee, which approved the bill late Tuesday night.


  Huge crowds of pro choice supporters shouted down the bill in the Senate chamber last week, prompting the measure to fail due to the fact that it was passed too late in the Special Session.


  Pro choice groups are urging lawmakers to hold hearings all across the state on the bill, something lawmakers are not obligated to do.


  The bill would restrict abortion to twenty weeks gestation, require abortion clinics to be licensed as ambulatory surgical centers, and require that all abortion clinics be staffed by a doctor who has admitting privileges at a hospital within 30 miles of the clinic.


  A handful of pro choice protesters embarrassed themselves and set their cause back drastically on Tuesday when they started shouting 'Hail Satan!' at a demonstration outside the State Capitol.-