Another indication that San Antonio is becoming a Hipster Haven with the construction of a new type of housing concept which started in urban Hipster centers like Soho in New York City and the Mission District of San Francisco--Micro Apartments.

And while developer David Adelman of AREA Real Estate calls his project at Avenue B and McCullough, near the KLRN-TV studios to be 'Texas Micro,' at between 380 and 580 square feet, the 100 plus unit apartment building his is development certain changes the thirty year move toward larger and larger living spaces.


"People are saying, hey, if there are real, walkable, lifestyle amenities, I can survive in a smaller apartment," Adelman said.


Adelman concedes that 'Micro Apartments' would not work in cul de sac suburban San Antonio, but he says they are perfect for young professionals who need them only to sleep. They go to work, and Adelman says they spend most of their spare time at what he calls 'The Third Place.'


"The Third Place is the local coffee house, its the Pearl Brewery, its the River Extension, it's downtown, its the CVB and all of the things that are going on."


Micro Apartments would not have been successful just a few years ago, but with the massive influx of young professionals who have transformed the LoBro area around the Pearl complex, he says people are crying out for a less expensive, and less environmentally invasive, way to live.


Adelman says when the apartment is small, what is essential is plenty of common amenities. He says his apartment development will include two swimming pools, a rooftop garden a dog park, regular visits by food trucks, and other amenities which are not common to traditional apartments.


He says rather than being a new concept, micro apartments actually reach back to the 19th Century.


"Think about a small town in Europe," he said. "A small village where people may have lived above the pub or down the alley.   They lived in a very small apartment, but the public amenities around them is what made that very small apartment much more livable."


He says another thing about his Micro Apartments--they are amazingly pet friendly, with a substantial number of the tenants bring dogs or cats to the development.