Costumes As Art Are On Display at the McNay New show features 40 costumes from top grossing Hollywood pictures ============================================

Film buffs might want to head over to the McNay Art Museum.

Costumes from some of their favorite movies are part of a new show: Cut! Costume and the Cinema. It opens Wednesday and though the museums' Daniela Oliver says it's not their usual art show ... it's costumes as art.

"So all of the costumes in this exhibition were worn by actual actors in actual Hollywood films."

"Maybe one would think that a costume worn in a movie is then done is constructed hastily but these are so remarkably done," she says.

40 costumes of satin, lace, leather and tulle are on display.

"Pieces that take you back through five centuries of fashion worn by the stars of the movies Pirates of the Caribbean, The Duchess, Sherlock Holmes, Finding Neverland," says Oliver.

The costumes come from London from a company Cosprop supplying the clothes for many Oscar nominated films.