It's time to start thinking about Halloween costumes, and Sandy Torres, with Gibson's Costumes on Broadway, says some themes are emerging as the hot costumes for 2013.


  "Pirates are die hards, they never go away," she said.  "Your sexy costumes from the fifties to trendy superheroes, but the main one will be the new Superman."


  That's due to the popularity of the Henry Cavill movie 'Man of Steel' which was a box office smash this past summer.


  She says more adults are getting involved in Halloween, and this year people are spending the big bucks to look good at the party.


At least in our store, its mainly adults who spend the big money for themselves," she says.  "They usually spend between $165 and $185.  That's for the whole works, costume, make up, accessories."


  She says a 'real' Halloween costume can get pretty involved.


  "Make up galore.  Make up is our hottest item, and people are really getting into detail on face painting, rather than wearing a mask."


  She says this is the prime time for picking out Halloween costumes.  If you wait much longer, she says it won't cost more, but your selection will be a lot slimmer.