A man who was being arrested for public intoxication escaped through the window of an Olmos Park police car, 120 WOAI news reports.

  Police were called last night to a convenience store in the 5100 block of McCullough on a report of a drunk person.

  Officers arrived and arrested the suspect, but while officers were going through the man's car, he slipped out the window of a patrol car, despite being handcuffed.

  Police searched for the man for several hours, and finally arrested the man about 11:30 PM.  Officers were certain they had their man, because he was walking down the street with the handcuff still dangling from one wrist.

  Detectives say the guy had help...somebody had to cut the other handcuff off of him and give him a change of clothes.

  The suspect, an illegal immigrant from Guatemala who officers say has been deported before.  He will be charged with evading arrest, public intoxication, and, potentially, with immigration violations.