Classes have been cancelled today in the Brownsville ISD and Cameron County officials over the weekend were distributing and filling sandbags as Hurricane Ingrid prepares to come ashore south of the Mexican port of La Pesca, probably later today, 1200 WOAI news reports.


  Ingrid is the first hurricane of the 2013 season to come ashore, and the first to impact the United States.


  The National Hurricane Center says Ingrid has 80 to 100 mile an hour winds, and am ore northerly course will mean more rain for drought-parched South Texas.  Parts of Cameron County are expected to get five inches of rain.


  Coast Guard Lieutenant Garreth Baker on South Padre Island says the biggest threat for the South Texas coast will be powerful rip currents.


  "We're expecting high surf, as well as astronomical high tides producing coastal flooding," he said.


  A rip current warning is posted from Port Aransas south through tomorrow, and Lt. Baker says a warning has been issued to all small craft to stay in port as Ingrid's strong winds begin lashing the coast.


  You can imagine any vessels out on the ocean in that wind, in those sea conditions, can expect catastrophic conditions," he said.


  In Brownsville, many residents were comparing this storm to 2008's Hurricane Dolly, which scored a direct hit on South Padre Island and caused millions of dollars of damage to the resort community's infrastructure, closing several hotels.  Since Ingrid is expected to come ashore significantly south of the mouth of the Rio Grande, that type of destruction is not expected this time.