A 55 year old inmate died last night, as he was in the process of being released from the Bexar county Jail on a drug possession charge, 1200 WOAI news reprots.


  Daniel Puente, who deputies said in an early morning briefing had been in and out of the jail several times over the years, collapsed in the dressing room while he was in the process of removing his orange jail jumpsuit and putting on the clothes he was wearing when he was arrested.


  After not hearing from Puente for several minutes, a detention officer walked in and found Puente 'unconscious and unresponsive.'


  Puente had already posted bond and was in the process of completing the paperwork needed for release when he collapsed.


  An investigation is underway, but spokesman Paul Berry said Puente showed no signs of foul plan, and no signs of trauma.


  "Any time there is a death in our jail, we take it seriously and investigate the circumstances thoroughly," Berry said.  "It is our job and responsibility to endure inmates are kept safe from harm.  Unfortunately, there are times when inmates have medical conditions that are unknown. As e have seen before, even this year, those medical conditions can lead to an inmate's death."