There has been a lot of talk about Rick Perry running for President in 2016, but another Texan may be getting a head start on him.


  Freshman Senator Ted Cruz, who is wildly popular among Tea Party and conservative groups, says he will be making an appearance in New Hampshire next month.


  New Hampshire, of course, is the state with the first Presidential primary, n January of 2016.


  1200 WOAI news reports Cruz, 42, will be traveling to New Hampshire to headline a fundraiser for the New Hampshire Republican Party.


  Cruz has already visited South Carolina, which is the scene of the first Southern primary, and also has a summer visit planned to Iowa, which will hold the first selection contest for the 2016 race, with it's early January Caucus.


  Cruz also has a stop planned in Florida, where Senator Marco Rubio, who once was the hope of conservative Republicans, has seen his support slip among Tea Partiers with his support of an immigration compromise which many conservatives see as 'amnesty for illegal immigrants.'


  Cruz is number one in a recent poll of the person Texans would most like to see run for President in 2016, and is number two in a new nationwide poll, behind Kentucky Senator Rand Paul.