When the going gets tough...the tough turn to Joaquin Castro.


  1200 WOAI news reports that the freshman San Antonio Congressman and brother of the mayor is emerging as one of the leading voices in favor of the troubled Obamacare system, and he is taking center stage in the White House effort to save the program.


  "38% of Hispanic Texans have no health care coverage at all," Castro told a White House sponsored conference call with reporters nationwide, explaining why the Affordable Care Act should not be repealed, despite its myriad of problems.


  The White House, while tweaking the program, is mounting a nationwide offensive against increasing efforts by Republicans to use the well publicized problems in the program to call for repeal.


  Castro blasted the Republicans for failing to have an alternative to the Affordable Care Act.


  "Senator Cruz compared Medicaid recipients and those needing health care to drug addicts at a press conference several months back," Castro said.  "Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst remarked that everybody has health care coverage, it's called the emergency room."


  Expect to see Castro at center stage as the debate continues.  Polls show that the White House is losing younger voters and Hispanics who are disenchanted with Obamacare, two constituencies the Democrats need to win elections in 2014.

  Castro also represents a safe Democratic district, so, unlike many Democrats, speaking out strongly in favor of Obamacare will not cost him votes.