American Express polled 1,500 Americans
who said they expected to shell out about $550.00
this year just to attend a wedding.

Local wedding planner Tracy French
of the French Connection
says those costs rise ... like everything

"More couples want to have
their wedding at a destination
locale and it doesn't mean
that they are going to a tropical
location it might mean just
going out of town which would
require guests to have to get
a room."

Guests must also cough up for
clothes, a trip to the beauty
salon and odds and ends.

Wedding pictures posted online
also increase pressure for guests to shine as
well as the bride, says French.

"With social media, with
all of your pictures being
taken and being put online
every woman feels the pressure;
much to our economy's benefit,
people flock to the stores and
shop just to look a certain way,"
notes French.

Thus, guests are looking
for ways to save so something
has to go.

"Years ago the gift table
was overflowing with gifts.
Now the table looks sadly empty."

A gift on average costing about $108.00.