Murder is apparently one of those jobs that Americans ‘just won’t do.’


A 51 year old convicted murderer has been arrested by the Border Patrol in Eagle Pass, while trying to sneak back into the country.


The Border Patrol says Hernan Alvarado-Velasquez, an illegal immigrant from El Salvador, had been deported after completing a ten year sentence for murder in Miami, Florida.


Before that, Alvarado-Velasquez had been deported after serving a prison sentence for assaulting a police officer in Arlington Virginia in 1994.


Alvarado-Velasquez has a criminal history spanning three decades in six states. Interestingly, Alavarado-Velasquez has decided to commit all of his crimes in the United States, where he has been living off and on for decades.


He will be charged with re-entry after deportation, a federal felony, and after he serves a sentence for that Alvarado-Velasquez will be deported—again.