Newly appointed San Antonio City Councilman Joe Krier says he won't push toll roads during his brief time on Council, even though he has historically been a big supporter of tolling, and he is Chairman of the company that operates the State Highway 130 toll road.


  "I'm not sure the issue is going to come up while I'm on council," said Krier, who was appointed Thursday to succeed Elisa Chan, representing District 9 on the north central side until a special election is held in May.


  "I've always thought that toll roads are a tool in the toolbox and any government should have a variety of choices, and that is one of them," he said.


  Krier said he expects the biggest issue to come up during his short council stretch will be one of the most significant issues to come before city government in a decade---what should be done to make sure the city's so called 'legacy costs,' including retirement and health insurance benefits for retired city employees, don't become a burden on the city.


  "It has been an issue for literally thousands of cities across the United States which are now looking at their unfunded responsibilities," Krier said.


  Krier says in addition to providing leadership on that critical issue, he plans to provide a 'conservative voice' to people in District 9 who want their tax dollars to be used responsibly.


  Krier was President of the Greater San Antonio Chamber of Commerce for twenty years.  He now operates Krier Consulting with his wife, former State Senator and Bexar County Judge Cyndi Taylor Krier.


  Krier says he will serve only six months on City Council and has no interest in running for re-election to the seat next spring.