State Representative and former San Antonio City Councilman Lyle Larson today called on council to scrap the controversial 'non discrimination ordinance' and 'concentrate on the core functions of city government,' 1200 WOAI news reports.


  "Frankly, the national attention that this proposal has garnered is embarrassing and has caused many to question the ability of the San Antonio City Council to achieve its mission," Larson said.  "While this ordinance may further the future political agenda of some, the polarization of our community caused by this proposal is not worth any potential political gains for certain council members."


  Larson said protecting individuals from discrimination is a 'worthy goal,' but this ordinance is flawed because it 'seeks only to ad protection for certain individuals.'


  "It is my contention that no particular group should be singled out in such a way," Larson said.  "Rather, we should aim to protect all citizens from any type of discrimination.  Perhaps the ordinance could be written with the intent to change the city code to protect all individuals equally."


  Larson also pointed out that legal experts have raised concerns about the practical effects of this ordinance, including the potential for discrimination against individuals whose believes are contrary to those held by the ordinances target community and the chilling effect is could have on free speech.


  "As a former City Councilman, I am dismayed that the Council has chosen to focus so much energy and attention on this issue, particularly when the city faces so many challenges that need to be addressed," Larson said.  "It is not the role of the government at any level, to police social issues in this manner.  Instead, the Council should shift its focus back to providing core city services, such as roads, law enforcement, and animal control."