More than a dozen pro choice groups, and the American civil Liberties Union, today filed suit in federal court in Austin against those restrictive abortion bills which were passed by the Legislature in July, 1200 WAOI news reports.


  "This is a bill that disregards the facts and disregards medicine, and essentially puts politicians, instead of doctors, in charge of women's health care," said Cecile Richards, the daughter of former Gov. Ann Richards and the National President of Planned Parenthood.


  The Texas measure is seen as an example for the fate of abortion restrictions nationwide which have been passed in the last two years.


  The Texas measure bans all abortions after 12 weeks gestation, requires all abortion clinics to have a staff doctor who has admitting privileges at a hospital within thirty miles of the clinic, and requires all abortion clinics to meet the strict requirements of ambulatory surgical centers.


  The measure has already forced four Texas abortion clinics to close, and it doesn't even take effect until October 1.  Opponents asked for a temporary injunction to prevent the law from kicking in while hearings are underway.


  Sponsors of the measure in the Legislature say the lawsuit will benefit abortion opponents.


  "I welcome the lawsuit," State Rep. Jody Laubenberg (R-Parker) told 1200 WOAI news.  "To me this will give more national attention to what is going on in the womb at five and a half months."


  That is after the point where abortion opponents say the fetus can feel pain in the womb.


  State Sen. Dan Patrick (R-Houston) who was the bill's chief sponsor in the Senate. 


  "Every time the Democrats lose in the Legislature, they go to court and sue," Patrick said.  "They sued on voter i.d. and they lost.  They sued on the sonogram bill that I filed in 2011, and they lost."