A San Antonio couple is suing San Antonio Christian Schools, claiming the schools forced their son to listen to a 'glorification of Confederate history,' which they say amounted to 'racist propaganda,' 1200 WOAI news reports.


  In a lawsuit obtained by 1200 WOAI's Michael Board, Thaddeus and Sharon Greene claim that their son, Thaddeus Green II, was required to attend a 'spiritual retreat' at which he was 'subjected to a program of racist propaganda in the form of a glorification of Confederate history and the Confederate flag.'


  When the Greens complained, they say their son was accused of several 'criminal acts, including rape,' as an attempt to get him removed from the school.


  The lawsuit claims that the school promotes 'diversity,' but doesn't actually practice it.


  "To satisfy this hypocritical policy, it is an established pattern that the school will admit a black students, and then begin a willful and intentional campaign to have the black student destroyed and dismissed, typically within the first semester," the lawsuit said.


  The schools deny the allegations.


  The lawsuit claims that the San Antonio Christian Schools 'promote racism in their schools,' and blamed 'the faculty and other parents' for this policy.


  The lawsuit named the Board of Directors and principal Robert Armstrong as defendants.