A Federal lawsuit alleges that the Live Oak County Jail in George West, which is located between San Antonio and Corpus Christi on I-37, was a hell hole where female inmates were repeated raped and beaten for years by guards, with the full knowledge of county officials, 1200 WOAI's Michael Board reports.


  "It was a culture and a custom of deliberate indifference," attorney Ron Armstrong of San Antonio, who filed the lawsuit, told 1200 WOAI news.


  Three former guards have been convicted of having improper sexual relationships with female prisoners, but Armstrong says these are new allegations which may involve additional jail personnel.


  "The county knew or should have known what was going on," Armstrong said.  "Complaints were made, and nothing was done."


  The lawsuit claims that guards at the jail would repeatedly rape female prisoners, and then force the women to sexually assault each other.


  The lawsuit claims that the abuse happened regularly and repeatedly between 2007 and 2010.  It is the second federal lawsuit filed on behalf of women who were abused in the Live Oak County Jail.


  No comment from the sheriff.