San Antonio attorney Larry Macon today broke his own world record by running his 255th Marathon of 2013, 1200 WOAI news reports.


  Macon competed in a recognized Marathon along the Leon Creek Greenway on the city's northwest side.  The event was even named in his honor, the Marathon King Larry.


  After the race, Macon was asked why he runs in so many Marathons.


  "Boy, that's a good question," he joked.  "I've asked myself that very recently."


  Macon has not only set the world record for the most Marathons run in a year, during a stretch of 62 consecutive days this year, Macon ran in 83 Marathons.  He would frequently run in a Marathon, dash to the airport, fly to another city, and run in another Marathon later that day.


  "There was one day when I did three, that was the most," he said.


   Macon was joined by several other Marathon Maniacs, including one man who ran 205 Marathons in 2013, and another who ran 213.


  Macon, by the way, turns 69 years old today.