It isn't just government employees and contractors who are feeling the pinch of the federal government partial shutdown, which is now in its fourth day.


  1200 WOAI's Michael Board reports businesses, especially those around local miltiary bases, are also feeling the pinch.


  "Right now, anybody with any normal sense is afraid to spend a nickel, says the owner of Ma Harper's Creole Kitchen, which is located on North New Braunfels, just outside the main gate of Ft. Sam Houston.


  "I know I'm hurting, I'll be honest with you," she said.  "With the economy the way it is already, this is not a good thing."


  At least Ma Harper's has not had to lay off anybody, but a Mexican restaurant across the street has had to lay off two people.


  "They normally eat a lot of fish and shrimp, and that's like $17," a waitress said.  "Now they're only eating beans and rice, and that's like $7.50."


  Nobody who has been hurt by Congressional incompetence on the government shutdown expects the situation to get better any time soon.