How many of us go out of town on vacation, and wind up finding a diamond which may be worth $15,000 or more?


  Meet Clay Jarvis.  The local homebuilder was on a work trip to Arkansas over the weekend, and visited the Crater of Diamonds State Park.


  Turns out the park lives up to its name.  Jarvis was taking a walk, and he found what appeared to be a diamond just lying on the ground.


  Jarvis tells 1200 WOAI's Michael Board that he knew when he showed it to a local geologist that he had found something special.


  "I reached in my pocket and pulled this thing out and I said 'tell me what that is'," Jarvis said.  "His reaction was 'Oh, my God'!"


  Park spokesman Joe Jacobs says it was, indeed, the real deal.


  "On his second trip there, he found a 2.13 carat champagne brown diamond."


  Jacobs says the park, where visitors are invited to look for diamonds and get to keep whatever they find, is on a roll.


  "We had an over five carat diamond found earlier this summer by a kid," Jacobs said.  "It happens on a fairly regular basis."


  Diamonds of that size are listed for sale in the $10,000 to $20,000 range, but Jarvis says it will change in value as it is cut.


  "You lose about half of it when you cut it, of course it goes up ten times in value, but in the same token, it's really cool," he said.


  Jarvis says one of his in-laws is a jeweler and another is a diamond broker, so he'll have plenty of help deciding what to do with his new find.  He says it will probably wind up in a piece of jewelry that he'll give to his wife.