A new exercise for caregivers takes
them into the mind and body of someone
with dementia.

Morningside Ministries wanted their
staff to know what's it's like for
patients elderly and frail. They simulated how a senior with hearing loss might hear a normal conversation tuning into a radio station with static.

Caregivers had to sort clothes
in a dark room wearing glasses
that allowed only peripheral vision.
They wore gloves to mimic
the loss of touch.

"These exercises mimic the struggles
that someone with dementia might
experience: limited eyesight,
limited audio functions,"
explained MM's Connor Ortiz.

Caregivers were also
plagued also by a constant flashing
light ... a common complaint among

"They have gloves on to simulate
the feelings of neuropathy
or the feelings of numbness."

The Virtual Demetia tour
gives a sense of empathy to
caregivers for
those whose senses are in decline.

"They can remember what they
did 50 years ago but don't ask
them what they had for breakfast;
memory will gradually get worse,"
said coordinator Virginia Velasquez.