A San Antonio couple mark a very rare and very special milestone today.


  Harold and Sue Farrell are celebrating their 75th wedding anniversary.


  The couple married on July 29, 1938, just a couple of months after they graduated from high school in Corpus Christi.


  Harold, 94, and Sue, 93, will join an elite club.  The Population Center at the University of Minnesota estimates that only 1,000 couples nationwide can have been married for 75 years.


  Mathematically, the odds of being married for 75 years are off the charts.  First of all, the couple has to marry very young, something which is happening less and less frequently in recent years.  If either partner is older than twenty at the time of the marriage, there is almost no chance the couple will celebrate a 75th wedding anniversary, even if everything else falls into place.


  Secondly, the marriage has to last.  With as many as one in every two marriages ending in divorce, that is a feat in itself.

  Most importantly, both partners have to survive into their nineties.  It is estimated that only 1.5% of Americans will celebrate a 90th birthday, and to have two people who are married to each other both reach that population level is very rare indeed.


  The 75th anniversary is so rare it doesn't even have a nickname, like the 25th is Silver and the 50th is Gold.  A list of wedding nicknames compiled by the Chicago Public Library simply marks the 75th as 'Diamond Gold.'


  The Farrells will celebrate their 75th anniversary with a champagne toast, along with their two sons, four grandchildren and their eight grand children.


  Both Harold and Sue are in good health and 'good spirits,' according to a spokeswoman for Franklin Park Sonterra, where the ceremony will take place.