Elizabeth Hasselbeck’s replacement on ABC’s talk show, ‘The View’ is already making headlines and she hasn’t even officially started yet.

Actress and former Playboy model, Jenny McCarthy, has openly blamed regulated immunizations as the main reason her son developed Autism.

Critics worries that ABC’s new hire could put children in danger because her opinion may have the power to influence other parents. Dr. William Kniker M.D., Allergy, Asthma and Immunology Specialist in San Antonio says that claim has not been proven.

“This business about immunizations was considered as a possible cause years ago in England, but as the years have gone on it's been more and more difficult to prove it,” he said.
Parents should seek professional help and advice from experts, each case of Autism is based on different genetics and variables, Kniker said.

“The problem is we don't really know what the genetic differences are and we don't really know in every case what the different triggers are,” he said.