Despite a sprinkle here and there in the past week, the newest U.S. Drought Monitor shows the drought situation in the San Antonio area getting alarmingly and rapidly worse.


  1200 WOAI news reports that just two weeks ago, Bexar County wasn't even officially listed as in a drought, we were only 'abnormally dry.'


  But the latest Monitor report, out Thursday, shows Bexar County is now in 'severe drought,' and several regions in the metro are in 'extreme drought.'


  The worst drought in the state remains in the Coastal Bend and Rio Grande Valley, both of which are in 'exceptional drought,' the most severe category.


  The level of the Edwards Aquifer continues to plummet, it is below 632 feet today, and is falling rapidly.


  While many water agencies are in Stage Three water restrictions, the San Anto0io Water System remains in Stage Two, relying instead on harvesting as much as 20 million gallons a day from the Aquifer Recovery and Storage Facility located in caves southeast of San Antonio.


  There is no rain in the forecast, and hot dry weather is expected to continue into September.