While most of the Texas Republican Congressional delegation is saying 'no' to immigration reform, their traditional allies in the business community are fighting for it, 1200 WOAI news reports.


  "One of the hallmarks of this country is our ability to grow and prosper, and that is on the backs of immigrants who have come here since our nation's founding," said Richard Perez, President and CEO of the Greater San Antonio Chamber of Commerce.


  The Texas Association of Business, which is among the most powerful lobbying organizations in the state, is in Washington DC today, along with several top officials of the Texas Federation of Republican Women, attempting to encourage Texas House members to support the immigration bill which has been approved in the Senate, but is stalled in the House.


  Perez says the San Antonio Chamber is also involved in the effort.


  "We've done letter writing, we have signed on various campaigns," he said.  "At the end of the day, this is the right thing for our nation."


  Conservatives and Tea Party Republicans say what they refer to as 'amnesty' would essentially create another 11 million Democrats.  Perez, who is of Mexican ancestry, says that is an over simplification.


  "We are all individual people, we are hard working people, and we are looking for parties to jump on," he said.


  Perez says the very types of people who become immigrants are the 'aspirational,' hard working individuals who are frequently attracted to the Republican Party.