Local fitness experts are shaking their heads over the latest teenaged obsession, the 'thigh gap.'


  1200 WOAI's Stephanie Narvaez says 'thigh gap' photos are all the rage on sites like Tumblr and Pinterest.  Essentially, the 'thigh gap' is when a young girl stands with her feet together, and her thighs do not touch.  It has become the new standard for weight loss.


  Patty Englund, owner of Well-Fit Private Fitness in San Antonio, says the 'thigh gap' fad could be dangerous, because, well, people are built the way they're built, and most women are not built that way.


  "It's your body shape," she said.  "I know some very fit women, but they have that genetic disposition to having very big legs.  You can't get away from genetics, I'll tell you that."


  But don't tell that to teens and twenty-somethings on Facebook.  Social networking sites are packed with young women showing off their thigh gaps.  One woman brags 'my thigh gap is HUGE!!'  Another woman, with the name 'skinnysizezero' cheers on her fellow dieters with the rallying cry 'together we can lose weight, together we can be skinny!  Together we can be a size zero with a beautiful thigh gap and flat stomach.'


  Another woman complains about her 'mediocre/non existent thigh gap,' and criticizes herself as 'fatfatfat!'


  Englund says this is potentially dangerous, like the anorexia fad of the 1990s.


  "Is it possible for all the teens to get it, of course not," she said.  "But all these teens want to be super thin, and the waifish look is in."


  The thigh gap, like many teen fads, is driven by the body shapes of models and actresses, and Englund says many girls are very pretty, but an 'artificial' goal of something like a 'thigh gap' is disturbing.


  "I get so many kids nowadays, and all of these girls want to be in a bikini competition," she says.  "I tell them, look at your mom, look at your aunt, how are they built?  More than likely, you're going to get all of that, too."