The local economy continues to hum, as the March unemployment rate in the eight county metro fell to 6.0%, 1200 WOAI news reports.


  That compares with a 7.6% national unemployment rate nationwide in March.


  The local economy added 7300 jobs in  the last month, according to Patrick Newman, executive director of Workforce Solutions Alamo.


  "Sub sectors showing the strongest annual growth include oil and gas, department store jobs, real estate and rental and leasing jobs, and ambulatory health care jobs," he said.


  The region has added 16,700 full time jobs in the past year, an annual growth rate of a strong 1.9%.


  Construction is also adding jobs, and the service sector and education are strong.  Leisure and hospitality is also showing gains.


  Losses occurred both in manufacturing and government.


  Despite the size of the total workforce being among the largest ever, with nearly 1.024 million people in the metro work force, the number of people on the unemployment rolls has fallen from 67,000 in March of 2012 to 61,000 today, officials said.