San Antonio web site designers say the 'fix' for the troubled 'health care dot gov' Obamacare web site should not be that difficult, and they say the problem is perhaps not with the site itself, but with the way the site was put together, 1200 WOAI news reports.


  Ben Tovar, with San Antonio's Neowave Technologies' says one problem is the Obamacare site asks people to provide all of their personal information before they are presented with insurance options.  He says they should learn from e-commerce sites like where that process happens later in the process.


  "You simply enter your age and ZIP code," he said.  "You select a plan you like, and only then do you submit an application."


  He says the basic design of the web site may not have to altered much at all.


  "I think the front end, the part that you and I see, won't have to be scrapped," he said.  "I think it's the back end, all the coding, that is going to have to be redone."


  Tovar says there is demand for the product, which is shown by the three and a half million applications which have been attempted to be submitted.


  But he says the government in this case needs to learn from the private sector, and make the site more conducive to commerce.