Studies show that most people who win the lottery eventually lose all of that money and are right back where they started ... or worse. Local psychiatrist Harry
Croft, M.D., says it's because lottery winners often try to emulate the lifestyles of the rich and famous ... when they're not mentally prepared to do so.

"The assumption is that if we just have the money and the things that money brings, then that will make us a different person," he says.

But it doesn't and Croft says most people aren't equipped, far less taught, how to handle millions and millions of dollars. 

"If I win the lottery, all of my problems will be taken care of; I can live the good life and buy all that I wanted, that is the dream."

But that dream often turns into family and friends wanting hand outs, blowing the loot on too many luxuries with little thought for the future. 

He says the most successful winners are the ones who stick with the old routine while taking a yearly payment ...not quitting everything and taking the lump sum amount.

"If a person is grounded before they win the lottery, then they are more likely to do satisfactorily," he says.