A 23 year old El Paso man is facing hard time for not paying attention in high school Texas History class.


  1200 WOAI news reports that Daniel Athens, 25, pled guilty felony charges after he urinated on the side of the Alamo during a tour visit to San Antonio in April of 2012.


  According to 1200 WOAI news coverage of the incident at the time, an Alamo Ranger noticed that Athens had become separated from his group and was relieving himself on a front wall of the Shrine of Texas Liberty.


  Athens will have his rest room facilities provided by the state for up to 18 months under the terms of his plea agreement.  District Attorney Susan Reed says the deal calls for Athens to face a cap of a year and a half in a state jail, and prosecutors will also oppose any request by Athens for probation.


  Athens pled guilty to a charge of Criminal Mischief of the Public Monument or Place of Human Burial.


  Athens has also been ordered to repay the $4,000 damage his search for relief caused to the Alamo.


  Reed's message?  "Don't whizz on the Alamo," she said.