A man in his late sixties walked out of jury selection in his criminal trial at the Bexar County Courthouse...and shot himself to death.


  "My understanding is that this man was the subject of a criminal case," Police Sergeant Javier Salazar told 1200 WOAI news.  "It is my understanding that they were impaneling a jury today."


  Witnesses said the man calmly walked to the back of a parking lot just south of a hotel across the street from the courthouse, along the San Antonio River, and shot himself to death.  Witnesses said they thought he had left the gun in his car in the parking lot.


  Nobody else was injured and Salazar says the case is being carried as a suicide.


  He says there was a 'lull' in jury selection in the man's trial and he simply walked out of the courthouse and killed himself. 


 Police did not confirm it, but one courthouse source said the man was standing trial on indecency with a child charges.