Widespread power outages and nearly 100 traffic accidents, including a ten car pile up, accompanied the arrival of winter weather to the San Antonio area this morning, 1200 WOAI news reports.


The ten car pile up happened on Interstate 35 southbound over Weidner on the city's northeast side. Several injuries were reports.


An 18 wheeler rolled over at I-35 northbound at Somerset Road. It hit a patch of ice, causing the second trailer to fishtail and flip over on the highway.


CPS Energy says thousands of customers had their power interrupted in dozens of separate outages. The causes range from ice snapping power lines to vehicles hitting power poles to transformer failure.


Even though officials declined to implement the 'ice plan' and close all of the highways, most of the flyovers, key parts of intersections, and many access roads were closed.


TxDOT crews worked all night spreading what is known as 'chat rock,' which is fine rock which aids with traction on bridges. Several roads were also treated with deicing chemicals.


Crews also decided to close many of the entrance and exit ramps from major highways, saying the ramps were particularly dangerous.