In About a Year and a Half the New Hemisfair Park Opens "Shade, Sand and Splashing" theme for phase one ===============================

CEO of Hemisfair Andres Andujar says a third of the plan for the new Hemisfair park is now done. It was presented Wednesday. He says the theme is " shade, sand and splashing."

"So when you hear things like
shade, water and courtyards
these are things that we have
heard from the community
for Hemisfair."

"Shade and water are critical and courtyards are also a great way to keep you cool."

The theme was chosen in response to the area's heat.

Phase one will include state of the art climbing structures, an acequia inspired splash pad, a riverbank sand dig and lots of shade.

"It's a very flexible space where
you can have some gatherings
for events like movies at the park
and markets and cafes," he says.

Construction begins May 2014
with completion of the new park
May 2015.