Several development in Mexico should make this a banner year for Mexican shoppers at San Antonio and south Texas shopping malls, 1200 WOAI news reports.


  Many local malls, including North Star Mall and the Shops at La Cantera, specifically rely on shoppers from Mexico to patronize their stores during December, Holy Week, and other key shopping periods, and David Bojanic, a professor of marketing at UTSA, says the improving Mexican economy means more disposable income for families south of the Rio Grande.


  "As the economy gets better, it is easier for them to come across the border and buy nicer things," Bojanic said.


  He says the Value Added Tax, which is Mexico's version of a sales tax, has been lower in the Mexican states that border the United States than it is in the rest of Mexico for decades.  The Pena Nieto Administration has decided to raise that VAT effective January 1, so Bojanic says many residents of northern Mexico say this is the time to shop.


  "People might spend more now, thinking, if I go back and have to buy it in the spring, if I need it then, I might as well buy it now," he said.


  So he says the number of Mexican license plates in area malls will be bigger than ever in the coming few weeks.